The Sound Engineer behind Miriam Stockley’s Vocal Tracks

Rod Houison was born in England with a guitar in one hand and a soldering iron in the other. He toured the UK, Europe & Eastern Block as a solo singer/guitarist before building an elaborate home recording studio from which his engineering career was launched.

He was asked by his close friend Pete Townsend of ‘The Who’ to help build a state of the art Quadraphonic studio ‘Eel Pie – Goring’ during “Tommy”, “Who’s Next” and “Quadrophenia” days. Rod also built and ran his own successful commercial recording studio ‘Decibel’ in north London, UK for four years, after which time he became one of the first engineers in the world to use the “legendary” Solid State Logic mixing console.

Rod worked as the chief engineer of ‘Eden Studios’ for eight years and has since then worked alongside and recorded and/or produced numerous top line bands and artists, always managing to coax the best out of them – these include:

  • The Who
  • Marc Bolan
  • Bad Company
  • Joe Jackson
  • The Pretenders
  • Phil Everly
  • The Three Degrees
  • Crowded House
  • Mark Knopfler
  • Jeff Lynne of ELO
  • Echo & The Bunny Men
  • Dr Feelgood
  • The Sex Pistols & many more

Rod married Miriam Stockley, began working with us back in 2001 and has become an integral part of our expanding AO family. He now resides in the US, with a fully digital home studio Dream Village Productions, based on Pro Tools HD, Neumann, Dynaudio where he continues to record and produce fantastic music.