Longtime AO Music Contributing Artist – Andy Georges

Andy Georges  is a multi-instrumentalist/vocalist who has been composing music with Richard for nearly three decades. They co-founded the rock group Tiger & the Helix in 1990, and Andy co-wrote several titles in the AO Music song catalog. Andy has also worked with Sheryl Crow, Jewel, Maya Sharp and Jim Messina, just to name a few. He is an award-winning film score composer/producer, and today his fast-growing resume has him on the cutting edge of the independent film industry. In 2011, Andy won the Outstanding Achievement Award at the LA WebFest for his music score in the web-series “Celeste Bright”, directed by Joe Doughrity.

Richard was introduced to Andy Georges by Jay Oliver in 1990 when they all became roommates in Manhattan Beach, CA. Straightaway, they transformed the entire house into a private band rehearsal/recording studio, and forged a lifelong musical kinship that remains wonderfully prolific today.

“During those early Helix sessions, it was Andy’s feel and command of a guitar that made the project work for me.” “Jay and I have always looked to Andy as our go-to axe man when un-common dexterity was required, but all that aside, he is of the rarest, genuine people I count on one hand.”

Have a listen to cuts from Andy’s 2007 rock project “Time is a Thief”, where he sings and plays every stringed instrument on the album!

Learn more about Andy’s brilliant work at andygeorges.com