Refreshing the Moment – Keeping Our Appointment with Evolution

‘Refreshing the Moment’ is a natural continuation of the first two books in this inspirational series. The topics outline a universal connectedness between the temporal and sumlime fields of experience and invites us to expand our sense of beauty, Love and the story we are enacting together as a human family. Copyright 2013, Arcturian Gate ISBN 978-0615-77120-5

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Drops and Sparks – Proof that Love Created the Universe

Drops and Sparks’ expands on the themes presented in ‘Love Rages On!’, and offers more detail on the fascinating topics. It is engaging, personal and easy to understand, with color illustrations. Read book reviewCopyright 2010, Arcturian Gate ISBN 978-0615-48395-5

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Love Rages On! – Riding the Whitewater of Change

This book series began as a journal to focus the message of AO MUSIC. It illustrates the unstoppable force behind our impending evolution from an insightful and grounded perspective. Richard uses the harmonic code in nature (music, color, form and movement) to broaden perspective on what is happening within and around us. It is engaging, personal and easy to understand, with color illustrations. Copyright 2010, Arcturian Gate ISBN 978-0615-27952-7

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