“Asha” Guest Artist – Kimba Arem

Kimba Arem has been a performer, recording artist, and classically trained musician since age seven. Her main instrument is a quartz crystal didjeridu which she designed, as well as multi-chambered Native American flutes, four-chambered Celtic flute, Tibetan and crystal bowls, tingshas, harp and Aboriginal bullroarer. She performs around the world with these instruments facilitating sound-healing workshops, and has produced fifteen CDs in total. Kimba has also scored several films, the latest being The Secret of Water – The Movie, directed by Jirka Rysavy & Saida Medvedeva, which she co-produced in 2015.

We discovered Kimba in 2008 while performing at a sound healing conference in San Francisco. Richard was rehearsing the Marin Children’s Choir for the show when he heard Kimba in the hotel lobby playing her crystal didge. “It was a sound like had never heard, penetrating the hotel walls and floors from a hundred feet away, and I had to stop and locate the source immediately.” Richard then invited Kimba on stage for the AO  performance that evening, and she has been our exclusive didjeridu player on every album since “Twirl”.

Kimba’s didge mastery can be heard on the song Love Knows the Way from our 2017 album “Asha” (track 2).

Learn more about Kimba Arem here.