“Asha” Guest Artist – Emily Tessmer

Emily Tessmer has been a gifted, professional singer-songwriter since childhood. As a teenager, she fell under the scope of MCA Records with her pop/rock project American Myth. She has since put her musical passion into world music, and her current award-winning group Orenda Blu has two albums on the Paradise Music record label, “Sacred Chants” and “Chants of Love and Light”, both co-produced by one of AO’s longtime contributing artists Andy GeorgesEmily’s music is full of indigenous, devotional mantras the world over, and her angelic voice and song compositions continue to headline music festivals year-after-year.

We first became aware of Emily when she asked Richard to produce her song demo in 2011, prior to signing with Paradise, and she can be heard on the title track from our 2017 album “Asha” (track 12).

Emily is a wonderfully authentic artist, and her healing music style continues to inspire hearts around the globe.

Learn more about Emily Tessmer here.